>These are a few of my favorite teas!

>Afternoon Tea is underrated. Some people think that it’s girly (which it KIND of is…) and all you do is eat tiny sandwiches and you’re still hungry afterwards. Now let me tell you, I have rarely had an afternoon tea where I was hungry within 6 hours of leaving. I actually thing people should fast prior to Afternoon Tea! lol.

It’s probably one of my favorite things to do on a leisurely afternoon. I think that LA has nothing on the Afternoon Teas in London (where they are pretty much shoving sandwiches, scones, crumpets and 18 different kinds of desserts down your throat), but they are still delicious, fun and relaxing on any day in LA.

My two favorites are the Millenium Biltmore and Chado Tea Room. The Millenium Biltmore tea takes place in the Rendezvous Court, a gorgeous space just off of the lobby. The architecture is breathtaking and they either seat you on cute comfy couches or big arm chairs, both of which I could sit in for hours.

Chado Tea Room has more of a restaurant set up, with tables set up inside one main room. This is a great place for a more casual atmosphere, bigger groups or for meetings. When I was there over the weekend a guy talking (LOUDLY) about how they are blaming Ronald McDonald for obesity in America. Good times. They also have over 200 different kinds of tea, so it is a bit overwhelming if you’re not a tea connoisseur. I just chose the Chado Afternoon Tea, which was delish (and a good deal since all tea is the same price when you order the afternoon tea set)!

 I also love Jin Patisserie in Venice and Paddington’s Tea Room in Beverly Hills. Jin is especially great during warm weather.

I have yet to try the ones at Beverly Hills Hotel, SLS Hotel & The Peninsula, but hope to check some of those off my list this summer. Who’s with me??


photo credit from top to bottom:
biltmore table
biltmore atmosphere
finger sandwiches
scones mmmmm
chado tea room

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