>Foodie LOVE…Los Angeles!

>I was getting my hair done last weekend and the hairdresser asked me what my favorite restaurant in LA is. I immediately felt a wave of anxiousness and couldn’t just name one! The ones I really like cost me a leg and a liver so I rarely get to go. I’m also a pescatarian so popular places like Fogo de Chao and Animal scare me.


Providence – get the tasting menu, get the tasting menu, get the tasting menu!!!!!
Spago – Wolfgang Puck (though he is more of a Wolfy in my eyes). Need I say more?
Chaya Downtown – they carry my two favorite foods; oysters & sushi. the decor at the downtown location is gorgeousssss. did i mention all night happy hour???
Osteria & Pizzeria Mozza – brown butter ravioli & bianca pizza -> melts in your mouth! did i mention the mozzarella bar and the $25 special at pizzeria? mmm!
Gingergrass – vegetarian pho is to die for
Gjelina – every.single.thing. is delicious.

I also have a long list in my Blackberry (what would I do without it?) of all of the restaurants I’d like to try- who wants to take me out? 🙂

To Do List:
URASAWA – my dream meal. if it is as good as it is (which it better be at $500/person.
Bouchon – lots of butter, most likely. bring it on.
Nobu – i would eat sushi for every meal if i could afford it.
Crustacean – drool.
Son of a Gun – a promising new seafood restaurant from the owners of Animal
Melisse – french & award winning; yes.
Patina – gorgeous restaurant in the gorgeous WDCH. don’t mind if i do!
A-Frame – from the world famous (or feels like it…) kogi truck that I waiting in line for 2 hours the first time I went. It was worth it.
Ray’s Cafe and Stark Bar – It’s Patina. And I LOVE that this is at the LACMA. Hoping for lunch at Ray’s & Tim Burton this weekend.

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