>i heart three day weekends.

>i wish every weekend was three days long. here is mine in a nutshell, most not photographed: villain’s tavern, happy hour at the misfit, beauty bar, hemingway’s, la conversation, cha cha lounge, naps, parents visiting, wood & vine, waiting in lines (ick), drai’s, hollywood roosevelt, spiked lemonade, naptime, hollywood bowl, hall & oates, wine & cheese. 🙂

new favorite places include villain’s tavern, la conversation, wood & vine.

ye olde favorites: hollywood bowl, hollywood roosevelt.

pretty much a successful weekend! made me love LA even more.

all photos by yours truly. heirloom tomato salad at the misfit, lobster rolls at the misfit, view from roosevelt poolside, fireworks @ the bowl. couldn’t have been better.


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