>travel wish list.

>Pretty sure I’ve said it a million times, but I’ll say it again. I am dying to get out of town, but mostly the country. Here is my “in the next year” wish list. Most of these are near-ish London- one of my BFFs lives there. I’m also crossing my fingers for a Mediterranean Cruise next Summer. The thought of seeing any of these places makes me drool. I love experiencing other cultures and am lucky enough to live in LA where it is ridiculously diverse. I remember moving here and being blown away by how many foreign exchange students there were at my school (and they were all geniuses pretty much) and by how many different little towns/neighborhoods there are. There’s a historic Filipinotown, Little Armenia, Little Tokyo, Chinatown, Olvera Street, Little Ethiopia, you name it!

Speaking of neighborhoods, the Duke & Duchess will be staying in my little neighborhood of Hancock Park this weekend. Welcome to la la land! They’ll probably think it’s ugly. lol.

Now on to places I think are gorgeousss.

Neuschwanstein Castle – I went here about 13 years ago or so; I remember WALKING (YES) up that mountain and stopping to get a drink. They served me coke in a glass at a little stand no less. So green of them! I did end up making it to the top. I don’t remember much of the inside, so I’d love to go back again and hopefully not almost pass out on the hike up the hill. 🙂

Colmar, France – never been, but looks beautiful. Bucket List!

Scotland – also never been, take me there PLEASE!

Paris – Been and can’t wait to go back. I need to live in Paris for a year. I need to get back into French class now that I’m done with school forever! I would love love love to have brunch at a place like this. Do they do brunch in Paris? I had breakfast/lunch at a french place over the weekend, and was able to sit there for over 3 hours with a friend of mine and just chat. Made me want to live here. Trying to make it happen.

Catalunya, Spain – I am assuming this photo is somewhere other than Barcelona, which is gorgeous in itself. The stone EVERYTHING is breathtaking.

I love the architecture. They’re all just so olde with an “e” and have their own rich history. These countries are all much older than the US which is why I love it. I need to go on a walking tour of every city I visit. I went on one in London where the guy kept spitting (while talking lol) but it was still a great learning experience.

I need to be on a plane, stat! 🙂



Neuschwanstein Castle 

Colmar, France



Catalunya, Spain

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