New Orleans was amazing.

It was so nice to be in New Orleans after 18 long years!

Things I did:
-went on a swamp tour (hence Mr. Guapo down there)
-walked around the French Quarter
-Ate some beignets & cafe au lait at Cafe Du Monde (twice)
-Bought some pralines
-took the trolley down St. Charles Street (pretty pink house, I love you!!)
-had my first Hurricane and a “real” Shrimp Po Boy on Bourbon Street
-visited WalMart
-ate at Emeril’s (pictures coming soon!)

all in a 3 day period!

I definitely want to go back and explore Bourbon Street (hello, Mardi Gras!), see the plantation homes, and visit Kentwood (britneyyyy) so I’ll see you soon, Nawlins!!

All photos by me!

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