I love layers (but they hate me due to the current humidity and heat), coats/cardigans (same situation), skirts & matching blouses (WHO has time to mix & match in the AM? Not this girl.). I think I need someone to come and lay out my clothes for me every morning. These are some lovely outfits that will be my inspiration on my next shopping trip.

NEED: flowy tops, skirts (love the lace ones! love anything lace..), layering necklaces (but i’m allergic to non precious metals! 😦 ), versatile tops, anything CLASSIC.

i love the classic outfits in #3, 6, &  7 – feel like they can be worn in 10 years and still look current.

photo credit:

1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 – ?? from pinterest but lost the link! contact me if you are/know the source! 7, 8

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