thai food.

Thai food is pretty much 100x better than the thai food in America. And not just thai food, all the food there in general seemed better (coke was more refreshing with 90% humidity!). My favorites included crispy fish, guava (my new favorite fruit!), lots of noodle dishes that I inhaled without photographing, dragon fruit, coconuts (especially the ones filled with a pina colada!), Tom Yum soup, papaya salad, crepe cake (exactly what it sounds like, layers and layers of crepes!), and I could go on forever. You wouldn’t believe how good Lay’s Sweet Basil chips are. I think a thai meal is a must for today.



2 thoughts on “thai food.

  1. I have heard that Thai food is amazing- It looks delicious! Except maybe that one that looks like a small animal cut in half, what is that!?
    Ah, Can’t wait to get to Thailand!

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