Short Order

I had the pleasure of eating at Short Order here in LA at the Farmer’s Market (twice) and I absolutely LOVE it! The decor is adorable, the design of the menu is beautiful and it is just a casual (for LA) craft burger joint. According to their website, it is “a celebration of over thirty years of friendship and culinary collaboration between Amy Pressman and Nancy Silverton.”

I was a pescatarian for over 10 years until very recently, so I can’t say so much about the actual beef burgers. I’ve heard  good things about Nancy’s Backyard Burger- that it’s one of the best many have tasted. I had half of the Frisee Lardon Raft (#2) and was pleased! Give me anything topped with an egg and I will likely enjoy it.

HOWEVER, I think the star of the show is Amy’s Turkey Burger (Pictured #1). It is perfectly cooked and juicy. How often can you say that about turkey? I also tried the Tuna Burger on a separate visit and it was divine. Not as good as the turkey burger, but a definite go-to dish when I’m not craving something with feet.

I also highly recommend the Short Order Spuds (#3), which are 10000% better than any other side dish you’d get with your burger. They also have a cocktail menu and Grandma’s Boy (rum, lime, apple, apple butter, bitters, apple chip) is delicious! I believe there is apple butter in it. Need I say more? Oh, and can’t forget, they also opened a bakery called Short Cake I will have to try and report back on. Adorable!


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