Culinary School. To be or not to be?

I’ve been considering going to culinary school for almost 3 years. I had the pleasure of visiting Le Cordon Bleu Paris twice and was blown away each time. The smells that come out of those classrooms are just beyond words.  The teachers were all extremely friendly and welcoming (see, French people can be nice!!).  During my first visit, I had a private tour of the school so I got more of an inside feel of what it’s like during a normal school day. The tour was 100% in French, so I’m glad I had my cousin there to translate. When I went to visit last fall, I was able to attend the open house that included a full demonstration of culinary, pastry and wine courses.  Probably one of the best pieces of steak I’ve had to this day.

The problem with me going to culinary school would be just the fact that I’d be giving up my dreams of working in Music. I suppose music will always be there (uh, hopefully…) but I feel like once you REALLY leave the industry it’s extremely difficult to get back in…but then again, how do I know I don’t want to do it unless I try? Not to mention the buckets of money it would cost to go to Culinary School.  I have recently also been looking into French Culinary Institute (with locations in Northern California & New York City) as well. I’d prefer the NYC location because I have ALWAYS wanted to live there, at least for a minute. It is also the original location and they have an award winning restaurant that is run by students! I think I might have to go to their open houses and see how I feel there. I need to make sure I get that “i love it here” feeling like I did at LCB Paris. What to do, what to do?

2 thoughts on “Culinary School. To be or not to be?

  1. I’ve been asking that same question lately and I keep coming back to culinary school reminding me of technical college. Something that costs a lot of money, promises a lot of things, then delivers a dish washing job at Applebee’s.

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