Coachella Round 8!

This past weekend was my 8th time attending Coachella. I feel old. It’s pretty amazing how many people attend this festival. It’s just a phenomenal experience. You have to try it once! There’s hours and hours and hours of live music by amazing artists, palm trees, a ferris wheel, record store, craft making stations, a robot that rolls around, art installations, Spicy Pie. I swear by the Spicy Pie! It’s the best pizza. Also great is the fish taco stand and Pink’s Hot Dogs.

The atmosphere is unlike any other festival I’ve been to. It’s a little city for what is now two weekends out of the year, where people from all walks of life and all over the planet co-exist. I miss it so much already! Can’t wait for next years festival(s).

Favorites Shows of Weekend 2:

1) Radiohead
2) At The Drive-In
3) St. Vincent
4) Bon Iver
5) Explosions in the Sky
6) Justice

Favorites of Weekend 1:

1) Snoop & Dr. Dre (the shock when 2Pac “arrived..”)
2) At the Drive-In
3) Radiohead
4) St. Vincent
5) Bon Iver
6) Explosions in the Sky


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