2 weeks and 3 days…. Not that i’m counting.

I’m heading out on my vacation in two weeks and three days. I’ll be spending 2 days in Venice before getting on a cruise, which will stop in many places such as Athens, Dubrovnik, Marseilles, Monaco, Rome, Izmir, Florence, Pisa and a few others. I’m excited to do some wine tasting in Chateauneuf du Pape and finally see the Acropolis in Athens, the Pantheon in Rome and the leaning tower of Pisa. I’m also excited to taste some amazing Italian food! Since I am only in most of these cities a day, I’m going to be doing some marathon sightseeing and food tasting. The cruise ends in Barcelona where I’ll be spending lots of time eating churros, paella and other delicious spanish food!

If you have any good travel tips or recommendations, send them my way!

photo credit: venice, chateauneuf du pape, dubrovnik, athens

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