A Day in Athens, Greece.

My cruise is now over and I’m able to update with high speed internet from Barcelona! The price of internet on a cruise ship is ridiculous. I paid $60 for an hour and a half of satellite internet– which is probably about as slow as dial up. Does dial up still even exist? Anyhow, let’s talk Greece!

We sailed into Greece on a lovely uh, Wednesday morning? I can’t keep track of the days anymore. The sun was shining and we were up bright and early to make our way to Athens. First stop was the National Archaeological Museum where we saw tons of bronze statues like the one below of Zeus or Poseidon from 460 BC.

Next we ventured up to the Acropolis of Athens, where it was nice and hot and every dog I saw was passed out, poor things! The  Parthenon and Erechtheion were unbelieveable in person. Such grand architecture. Our day ended with a delicious greek lunch that deserves it’s own blog post and some shopping. I can’t forget to mention the ladies that come up to me trying to sell me a tablecloth for 100 euro, then 50 euro, then 20 euro….and so on. Their persistence is somewhat admirable! Somewhat…


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