People always ask “Best Burger in LA?!” My response is always, always, always Umami.

I recently went to Umamicatessen Downtown, just a few blocks away from work. Love their decor and set up. I’ve actually only been to the Umami in Space1520, so this one is about 10x bigger in comparison. Get the Umami Burger! Get the Umami Burger! Stop looking at the other options!!! Even when I didn’t eat meat I would get this with a Portobello mushroom instead. It is divine!

Beware of the pickle plate, it is a spread of 9 different kinds of delicious pickles! Mushrooms, Tomatoes, Jalapanos, etc. It was delightful and only $10. They also have beignets that are delicious. Not quite on par with Cafe du Monde, but then again who is?! It comes with an espresso sauce with chicory, likely an ode to the New Orleans cafe. Though I actually love them plain.

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