Taiwanese Ramen.

Ever heard of taiwanese ramen? Neither had I until I went to Toki Underground in Washington DC. Ironically (or purposely) they are not located underground. They’re above The Pug – a bar on H Street. It’s a tiny place, mostly bar seating and the bathrooms are so tiny the sink is in the hallway. Beats having to use a paper towel in order to open the bathroom door, right?

There’s always a wait apparently, so we put our names down and they said they’d call us when the table is almost ready. I love it when restaurants do that- you don’t have to stand awkwardly and look at them with puppy dog eyes until you get your table.

Yes, that cocktail has a piece of pork belly in it. It is called Toki Monster: bourbon, honey liqueur, and scotch with a piece of kushiyaki porkbelly. Oh, you want to add pork belly bacon to your ramen? No prob. Chicken butt? You got it!

I ordered the vegetarian base (roasted root vegetable soup, tofu, daikon, pickled cucumbers, shitake mushrooms, seasonal vegables, sesame, scallions, nori) and added fried prawns, egg and got a side of homemade sriracha. It was delicious! Though, I think I was a little bit allergic to the shrimp- gotta stick to veggie next time.


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