2013 Travel Wishes.

I hope you all had a lovely Christmas, holiday, week!travel2013

Fresh off the skype/google hangout with my bff Heidi who lives in London and we were discussing 2013 travel plans. Some ideas that came into mind included Ireland/Scotland (Whisk(e)y please!), Istanbul, Spain (“let’s rent an apartment in Spain for a week!”), Germany, and so many others. Perhaps a trip to Barcelona for Sonar or stay in London for Field Day Festival? The world is our oyster.

As far as domestic trips, I am hoping for long overdue trip to NYC in February. My friend is working during fashion week and I would love to tag along, especially since my cousin is in NYC and brother is in DC. I haven’t been to New York since I went (by myself!) four and a half years ago! I didn’t even get to do everything on my list: Zabars, Dumbo, various choclotiers, restaurants, museums! Perhaps a trip to the gorgeous Bowery Hotel? Brunch at the Palace a la Gossip Girl? On another note, I am SO SAD Gossip Girl is over. It’s depressing whenever a show I watch ends! I don’t have cable so I usually just buy it on iTunes and wake up at 6 AM the morning after it airs to watch it. Though someone on FB did ruin GG for me. Really people? Why would your status update be a spoiler for he end of an entire series? Delete!

Last but not least, Coachella is coming up soon! One more payment and I have my passes for not one, but two weekends! How will I ever have the money to go to Europe this summer?! Time to go play the lottery!

photo credit: nyc, sevilla

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