The Parish, Downtown LA.

The Parish opened about 6 months ago and the first time I went I had some delicious cocktails and deviled eggs. This time around I couldn’t resist opting for a full meal- I was not disappointed!

The restaurant is located on Main Street between 8th and 9th in a BEAUTIFUL flatiron building. I believe the bottom is mostly a coffee shop and small outdoor area and the upstairs has a bar, gorgeous leather seating and a dark wood bar.

I ordered the Black Bee (not pictured), which is bourbon, honey, lemon juice and stout. I’m not much of a beer drinker but the chocolately taste of the stout made this drink incredible. How funny are the quotes on their menu?

For dinner I split Deviled Eggs, Brussel Sprouts and Ricotta dumplings with my friend. Everything was tasty and reasonably priced. I highly recommend it for a date, casual happy hour or even just to grab a drink. I have yet to try their breakfast (it looks divine!) but I will report back!


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