Osteria Mozza

My friend had her birthday at the phenomenal Osteria Mozza last week. Definitely my favorite italian restaurant in Los Angeles. Foodies – if you haven’t been here you’re doing yourself a great disservice (lol!) so time to save up some $$ so you can get a $40 bottle of delicious italian wine and scoot on over.

We ordered a handful of dishes and shared. My favorites included:

Sweet Gem Letuce (with bufala mozzarella, cucumber & yogurt)
Bavette (Cacio e pepe)
Butternut squash mezzelune
Pan seared sea trout with Umbrian lentils and red cabbage sottaceto

Bombolini (huckleberry marmellata and lemon mascarpone!!)

The mozzarella dish was just mozza and basil and some kind of sauce I believe- it was delicious but can’t seem to find the name of the dish online! I want to figure out how to make it too!




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