La Brea Bakery Brunch



I live right down the street from the new La Brea Bakery (and cafe!) and had a lovely brunch there a few weeks ago. I ordered a vegetable frittata (cremini mushrooms, white cheddar, blue cheese, tomato, spinach, blue potatoes, grilled scallions) which was WAY too much food for my own good. But definitely delicious and flavorful.

The restaurant has a wood fired pizza oven with bar seating a la Pizzeria Mozza. It was almost torture having to watch them being made when I knew I wasn’t about to indulge in one.

My friend had the blueberry ricotta pancakes which were fluffy and light. Especially for pancakes. I’m not much of a pancake eater so I always wish I could just order one (which I probably could)! But I’m usually more of a savory breakfast person. I’ll definitely be back as their bakery selection is extensive/overwhelming/gigantic.

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