Le Bernardin – NYC





My cousin works at Le Bernardin in NYC – a triple Michelin-starred french restaurant originally helmed by Gilbert le Coze and now Eric Ripert. I sat at the bar because otherwise the meal would’ve been upwards of $1000+ and I have yet to win the lottery. The service is friendly (even before they knew I was my cousin’s cousin) and not pretentious at all. Restauranteurs take note.

Their cocktails are delicious – my favorite being the Immortal Highlander – 2nd photo (Highland Park 12 year Scotch, Oloroso Sherry, Amaro Montenegro, Heering Cherry Liqueur). Their manhattan (pictured in first photo) came in a close second. The bar bites of popcorn, candied walnuts and seaweed covered pretzel sticks were never-ending – showing how good the service is. It’s like bottomless pasta at Olive Garden but about a million times better!

The tuna tartar (not pictured) was as fresh as ever as were the freshly shucked oysters.

My favorite of all was the Tropical Pavlova (Caramelized Passion Fruit Pavlova, Exotic Fruit Salad) deliciousness. The Pavlova melts in your mouth and the fruit salad brings together all the flavors of the pavlova, fruit salad and sauce together. Heaven is how I can best describe this dish.

Stay warm NYC.

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