Kabuto Edomae Sushi – Las Vegas

Kabuto is a must-visit everytine I am in Vegas. They have 3 levels of omakase, and the $48 option is a steal. I ordered one extra piece of sushi after the pre-fix. The 22 seater restaurant is located in a classy strip mall with no signage. Reservations are essential, especially on an evening like Valentine’s Day.

2015/02/img_7633.jpgBlueberry Sake

2015/02/img_7634.jpg Monkfish Liver

2015/02/img_7636.jpgDidn’t take notes on this course – but the Salmon Roe and Tuna were delicious.

2015/02/img_7635.jpgFatty Tuna (my soulmate), half Beak, Orange Clam, Eel, Sweet Omelet

Strawberry Crepe – perfect light, fluffy dessert to end the meal.



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