Best Thing I Ever Ate: L&E Oyster Bar

One of my favorite restaurants in Los Angeles is L&E Oyster Bar. It’s a quaint, neighborhoody feeling, seafood restaurant. Their daily dozen is always delicious and tastes fresh from the sea. Their whole fish is perfectly cooked and never dry.

I’ve been a clam chowder fanatic since I was a little girl. I remember opening a can of clam chowder (LOL) and warming it up on the stove. I remember the first time I had Manhattan Clam Chowder and I was like WHY IS IT RED!?

I went to L&E on Monday and obviously ordered their clam chowder. It was the best I’ve ever had, and believe me I’ve come a long way from that canned Chowder. It had real clams (duh), they were cooked perfectly and the chowder was the best consistency – not too watery, not too thick.

The best news about L&E is that they now take RESERVATIONS! I used to be on the verge of fainting when eating here, because yes it’s that good.

photo credit:

L&E Oyster Bar

1637 Silver Lake Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90026

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