Paris. Paris. Paris.

I feel a little cliché being an American with undying love for Paris, but I don’t care. This trip made me just adore that city even more. Santorini and Mykonos were a dream, but I wouldn’t want to live there. I’d go back on a whim in a heartbeat though.

But back to Paris – the first time I visited I was studying abroad for a few weeks in 2005. I stayed in a hotel somewhat off the beaten path, but still adored the romanticism of Paris. I appreciated the slower pace (literally) as I walked the city.

This visit I stayed in the most adorably French AirBNB in the Marais for 4 days. I had delicious coffee at Coutume Cafe and one of the most incredible meals of my life at Spring (deserving of it’s own post later). I took a Croissant Baking Class at Cook’n with Class.

I shopped at La Maison Plisson, the most magical little market I’ve ever been in. I cooked some Cacio e Pepe at “home” and drank wine while watching the sunset over Montmartre. Last but not least I had breakfast at Laudree. The hollandaise was out of this world.

IMG_7329 IMG_7413 IMG_7431 IMG_7503 IMG_7517 IMG_7608 IMG_7634

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