The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up

9781607747307_custom-4cbd2c1dda23166b152e312d902ef49ae63d0375-s400-c85If you haven’t heard about this book yet, now you have. If you still are unsure just read it on a plane when you have nothing else to do and already watched all the bad movies. I read it on my plane to Greece and it was a religious experience. Marie Kondo‘s book is simple and makes so much sense.

I’ve lived in my apartment for 6 years this December and for the past 2-3 years have only used 1/4 of my HUGE walk in closet. Something had to happen. Her system of keeping things that “bring you joy” is absolute genius. I recommend this anyone, not just clothing hoarders like me. I did my clothes last week and got rid of TWELVE boxes/bags of things. I donate to the VVA and they come and pick up from your house no matter how small the donation is.

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