The Walker Inn @ Hotel Normandie – Los Angeles

It’s happy hour somewhere! I’ve had the pleasure of having drinks at the Walker Inn twice so far. The first time I went with a group and we sat in the lounge area, the second time was at the “omakase” bar.

My visits were both in December, which is when they had their holiday villain menu. Drinks were named after things such as the Sticky Bandits, The Grinch, etc.

First off – if you get any sort of hangover I highly recommend telling the bartender to stick to only one spirit. The next days were not my best.

Although it is quite nice to be able to try a few things off the menu, I tried all the whiskey beverages and one wine situation (the Grinch). Every drink tells a story – like what would the grinch drink? I loved that they were all thought through so well. One of them came with a flask on the side, another in the cutest budweiser glass, you really can’t go wrong.

My absolute favorite was their version of a hot toddy which came with ice cream on the side. The ice cream tasted like ice cream cake, which is pretty much one of my favorite things in the world.

All in all, The Walker Inn is a fabulous place for special occasions. The drinks are on the pricier side at $20 a pop but absolutely worth it. Just don’t forget to make a reservation!




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