Brunch at the Beverly Hills Hotel

I had a lovely brunch at the beautiful Polo Lounge at the Beverly Hills Hotel for my mother’s birthday.

The hotel is absolutely gorgeous from the striped ceiling to the champagne glasses. The service was top notch as well. While the food didn’t wow me as much as dinner usually does at the Polo Lounge, I still think the tortilla soup and lobster rolls really shined.

They have a jazz band on the patio for brunch, but I think the best room to sit in is the large room with booths.

From top to bottom: tortilla soup, scallops, smoked salmon hash, and summer sorbet dessert.

The Polo Lounge
9641 Sunset Blvd
Beverly Hills, CA 90210


The Bazaar by Jose Andres

DineLA had this new format for a number of high-end restaurants, $95/$100ish for a multi-course meal. CUT, Spago and Melisse and of course, The Bazaar were on the list. Expensive, yes. Worth it, COMPLETELY!

I did file a bit of a twitter complaint when they didn’t seat my party (of TWO!) for 35 minutes after our reservation. Doesn’t that defeat the purpose of a reservation? Anyways, after I told Jose via twitter (his response made my night!), the GM made up for it with free cocktails, truffles and a few (too many) extra plates. Service here is usually impeccable, but I think the new menu overwhelmed the staff.

The rest of the meal went out fairly well and within reason. I recommend coming here for the first time when it’s not DineLA. The meal will be likely around $100-$150 depending on your drinking habits.

MUST ORDERS: Olives, Oysters & Hibiscus, Fois Gras Soup, Croqueta de Pollo, Grilled Spanish Octopus, The Chocolate Cake of Your Dreams (in the shape of a heart!), Any Cocktail made with liquid nitrogen.

The wine pairing was forgettable.

It’s a dark restaurant, so apologies for the blurriness.



The Polo Lounge @ Beverly Hills Hotel

My friend Lisa and I came here for DineLA but that completely went out the window once we saw the full menu. First course was Lobster Bisque which more soupy, less bisquey, but nonetheless delicious. I ordered the short rib ravioli which was braised short ribs with some incredibly tasty sauce inside of the worlds biggest ravioli. Can’t argue with that. Lisa has the lamb and I had a bite- cooked perfectly.

Last but not least the coconut souffle. It was gigantic – about as wide as your average desert plate and 5 inches tall. It came with whipped creamy, some sort of cream sauce and was mouthwateringly good. It’s big enough to feed 8 people who already ate too much.

The staff is super friendly and accommodating and I appreciated the pianist. Their signature striped ceilings are a design fave of mine.