Cole’s – DTLA

One of my favorite places to go in Downtown LA (DTLA) is Cole‘s. You can get a half french dip with Tots for like $6, Old Fashioneds for $5 and my favorite bar (The Varnish) is located through a “secret” door in the back. It’s been there for like 100 years (literally), so it feels like a blast from the past inside the wooden booths. Apparently Bukowski peed there too, according to a plaque on the wall of the men’s restroom. The atomic mustard is divine.



One of the Best Things I’ve Ever Eaten: Wings @ Pok Pok LA

With locations in New York, Portland and now Los Angeles, Pok Pok seems to have taken the foodie marketplace by storm. Their infamous wings are finger-licking good. Manners go out the door when eating these.

I am a bit sensitive to overly spicy foods, so I tried the non-spicy wings. Absolutely delicious. There’s definitely some sort of fish sauce and soy sauce mix in the marinade and it blows all other wings out of the park. I’m dying to know the recipe.

Their LA location is located in Chinatown. I recommend their version of a whiskey sour and mind the spiciness when you see any peppers!

Pok Pok LA 978 N Broadway, Los Angeles, CA 90012

Birch – Hollywood, CA

It’s been a long while since I had a meal at a new restaurant and was blown away. That day finally came when I tried Birch during DineLA. First off, the deal was incredible, whether or not the food was good. 3 entrees + a cocktail or glass of wine for $39. I easily would’ve done this if it were $49 or even $59, as DineLA menus rarely include wine or cocktails.

Highlights: anything with Curry, Chicken Live & Fois Gras, Salmon, and cocktails (I ordered the #7, not pictured.)


Underbelly get in my belly.

On my recent trip to San Diego, I tried a hip ramen spot in North Park, Underbelly. Might I add that after all these years going to San Diego I finally understand why North Park is called North Park. Duh.

Underbelly is a cute little (big) joint, with tons of seating and fireplaces for when it gets chilly. I ordered the Kimchi Pickles and the Tonkotsu Ramen (with two eggs). They take more of an Americanized take on their dishes, so the Kimchi Pickles weren’t over the top spiced or anything, but still pretty good. The Tonkotsu Ramen actually tasted a bit more on the healthier side – which made me wonder about the broth. Usually you “know” you’re eating some super unhealthy ramen when you’re in Little Tokyo in LA, but this didn’t have that overly fatty taste. I’d definitely try it again, as they have meatier options such as “Belly of the Beast” that has oxtail, brisket AND short rib in it.


San Diego’s Tacos Perla

During my Holiday Break I spent a few days in San Diego visiting friends. One of my favorite things about SD is that their Mexican food is delicious everywhere, due to proximity. But I figured that if someone opened a new taco spot in North Park that it’s GOTTA be good.

I tried  Taco Perlas and was truly impressed. Fresh tortillas and ingredients and a salsa selection to die for.

IMG_1938IMG_1934IMG_1935Tacos Perla
3000 Upas St Suite 105
San Diego, CA 92104