Just got my first shipment! For $15 a week FlowerMaid delivers a fresh bouquet to you! Home, office, etc.

How gorgeous are these?!


Sqirl in East Hollywood

The line outside Sqirl on a Sunday morning reminds me of that episode of Portlandia where they wait in line for brunch for 3 hours. BUT it’s worth the wait. It gives you the right to sit outside and enjoy the people watching. Order their coffee – it is heavenly – I had the Al Pacino which is an Almond Milk Iced Cap. YUM!

I ALWAYS order the Kokuho Rose Brown Rice Bowl: Sorrel Pesto (nut free), Preserved Meyer Lemon, Lacto Fermented Hot Sauce, Black Radish, French Sheep Feta, Poached Egg. To. Die. For. I could eat this everyday for the rest of my life. The Pesto Rice is out of this world, the lemon brings out the freshness of the entire dish, the egg – I mean I can put an egg on a pile of rocks and I’d think it’s delicious but once you pop the yolk open and mix it all together it’s like all is right in the world. Run, don’t walk to Sqirl if you haven’t already.

This little block on Virgil in East Hollywood is really up and coming. There are a few cute little boutiques and vintage shops to pop into as well as Twig & Twine,  a lovely little flower and gift shop.



720 N. Virgil Ave #4
Los Angeles, CA 90029


Malibu Homes

Malibu is like another world. I always loves going out there every once in a while and getting away from the city.

This gorgeous property was the site of a photoshoot for a denim brand. The tiny little house is a guest house of sorts but looks like it’s just used for events or photoshoots.

George is the on-site security dog.

IMG_3258 IMG_3254 IMG_3249


The French Rivera.

I only spent a day in the French Rivera, first stopping in Éze and then going to Nice. They gave us a quick tour on the bus to see the city and then let us wander for a couple of hours. I walked down a gorgeous sea side street and then turned the corner to find a wonderful farmer’s market. They had every kind of cheese (of course!), fresh peonies, and tons of fruit, veggies, and french souvenirs. I snacked on a juicy white peach and my cousins said their plums were divine.

In my goldilocks-esque opinion, in London everyone walks too fast, in Barcelona everyone walks too slow, but in France it’s just right.


holiday cheer.

I love the holiday season! I bought red wrapping paper with white polka dots and I can’t wait to wrap gifts with it! The smell of pine, wreaths, bells, trees, lights, poinsettias, globe snowmens (LOVE)!

I just can’t wait to get home and start making my apartment look like Christmas on crack. 🙂 These are some pretty decor ideas I found on pinterest. I am definitely making the felt tree. Any DIY Christmas ideas you’d like to share with me?

photo credit: from top to bottom: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5

train to versailles.

I really need to get back into my french classes. It was difficult (and slightly humorous) trying to get to Versailles from Paris without understanding French. We got on a train that we thought was going the right direction and headed over to Versailles to see the beautiful Chateau de Versailles. Versailles is an adorable quaint city that also happens to have a palace in the middle of it all. There were people jogging through the garden. What an amazing site for a jog. The gardens are gorgeous and gigantic- I’ve never seen all of it (and Marie Antoinette’s estate!) so I will definitely need to take another trip back.

and for your viewing pleasure: