Rose’s Luxury in DC

I visited DC a few weeks ago and went to eat at Rose’s Luxury, which was Bon Appetit’s Best Restaurant in America 2014.Though I totally disagreed when they chose a certain restaurant in Los Angeles where I had a terrible experience both food + service wise (AHEM starts with an “A”) , this experience at Rose’s brought back my faith in their taste.

Full Disclosure: You have to WAIT to eat here. We’re talking hours. So don’t come hungry and you’ll be fine.

Most people wait in line around 4 PM and they open at 5 PM, so if you’re in line and it’s not around the block you can likely eat immediately. On the day I went they handed out Otter Pops (which apparently they call Ice Pops on the east coast). They don’t seat you until your entire party is there, so your other option is to put your  name down for the second seating and then have a drink or wander the neighborhood until then, which is around 7/7:30ish.

We had a few really delicious cocktails upstairs at the bar while we waited. Now to the food must haves:

From Top to Bottom:

– HOUSE BREAD with POTATO SKINS. – too good.


– HAND-CUT CHITARRA “CACIO E PEPE” – this was so delicious we ordered seconds. This is something I’ve done maybe one other time in life.

– CONFIT GOAT W/ BBQ SEA ISLAND RED PEAS, RICE & GARLIC BREADCRUMBS. Perfectly cooked and a great gateway goat dish for all.

I highly recommend every we ordered and then some. The Cacio e Pepe is absolutely to die for. I can’t wait to go back!




Soft Boiled Eggs

I used to be an over-medium girl, but soft boiled is in my opinion, the perfect egg. The only way I’ll eat the entire thing. Unlike many friends of mine, I’m a fan of the yolk. You know, the least healthy part of the egg. Because of course!

Today I make soft boiled eggs and a strawberry banana mango smoothie for breakfast.

I found this video (with a great soundtrack btw) about how to cook the perfect soft boiled egg. It worked perfectly!

Melbourne, Australia!

What a month I had.

I was in Australia for two weeks working as a road manager for a musician. My favorite cities were Melbourne and Sydney, but those were honestly the only cities I saw more than the inside of a hotel room or venue!

I went to see the Andy Warhol and Ai Wei Wei exhibit at The National Gallery of Victoria in Melbourne. It was a HUGE exhibit that was very interactive. The city of Melbourne is very lively and I had a delicious meal at Cumulus Inc.

More deets on food in Oz to come, but also check my IG: trolleywords for my most up to date foodie adventures! 🙂


Saint Lucia – Carribbean

I spent the weekend in Saint Lucia for work (rough I know…) and it was incredibly beautiful. We stayed beachfront at The Landings Resort. Each room was a suite with a full kitchen and living room, but I spent most of my time outdoors or on the beach.

Saint Lucia is an interesting island as it has only been independent for about 40 years. They are still under the British Commonwealth but were previously ruled by GB as well as France.

How gorgeous is this place? It was a bit of a trek from LA –  5 Hour flight to Miami then 3.5 hour flight to Saint Lucia, but I would definitely be ok with spending a week here with friends and doing absolutely nothing.


img_3218-1View from Breakfast.


LA Weekly called Osso the best restaurant you aren’t eating at, and I couldn’t agree more. I stopped by yesterday for the second time, and it did not disappoint.

Located in the Arts District where the One Eyed Gypsy is located, it’s a nice hang for dinner or drinks. When you walk in there’s no host, or there hasn’t been the last two times I’ve been by which is a bit weird, so you seat yourself. The cocktails are delicious (I had a whiskey sour) .

MUST ORDERS: Sugar Snap Pea Salad. Couldn’t believe how good this was. Creamy thanks to a yogurt and dill dressing. We inhaled this dish. Live Diver Scallop. Served in the shell in kolhrabi, mandarinquat, and lemon basil. Absolutely divine. I have never had a scallop this fresh ever. Skilled Fried Chicken (not pictured), allow 45 minutes to order this deliciousness. Tagliatelle (not pictured) – house made pasta with meyer lemon and pistachios. So fresh and clean tasting.

HONORABLE MENTIONS: Kusshi Oysters. Rye Brownie.


Cole’s Brunch

I found out just recently that Cole‘s has bottomless mimosas on Saturdays and Sundays from 11-4. A good friend was visiting from out of town and we decided to have a little brunch for Easter. Not only do they have $12 bottomless mimosas but they have a Breakfast Dip (Cheese, Bacon, Egg) with Hollandaise  + Bottomless Mimosa Combo for $15 (ONE. FIVE.).

Not the healthiest thing ever but I worked out twice on Sunday. 🙂 The sandwich is delicious, it actually doesn’t really require the dip but I do recommend eating it with their delicious Atomic Mustard. Mmmmm! Definitely a great place to catch up with friends on a weekend morning. And obviously it’s hangover friendly.

Punch Bowls at The Spare Room

The Spare Room is a lovely cocktail lounge in The Hollywood Roosevelt and one of my favorite places to grab a drink in Los Angeles. If you’re a drinker like me, I recommend the punch bowls as they are a good deal in comparison to buying drinks a la carte. I always order “The Old One Too” – Chandon Brut, Hennessy, Blackberries, Sugar, Lemon. They come in these gorgeous bowls and although the menu says 4-6 people I think they are perfect for 2 people (3 drinks ea).

I recommend making a table reservation so you can sit and enjoy the beautiful space. They have lots of board games you can borrow too. I’ve never done the bowling $100/hour but it would be a fun thing to do for birthday get together.