Le Petit Paris

I had brunch at Le Petit Paris over the weekend and it was Very Parisian to say the least. I’m fairly certain that everyone I encountered there was actually French. The decor is stunning but not over the top.

I ordered the scrambled eggs with truffle, a croissant and mimosa. The scrambled eggs were delicious and the truffle shavings were generous. Service was amazing. I can’t wait to go back!


Croissant Baking Class

I took the most incredible Croissant Baking Class at Cook’n With Class in Paris. It was by FAR the best cooking class I’ve ever taken. And yes it’s in English. The teacher (Florian) was extremely knowledgeable & thorough (previously the head baker at a Patisserie) and because it was only 6 people in the class we got the true hands-on experience and can definitely all go try it at home. Everything we made tasted so delicious and completely blew my mind!

All I need is an entire weekend to dedicate to making croissants, because there’s an overnight waiting period with the buttery buttery dough! I highly recommend this cooking school if you’re in Paris.

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