The Polo Lounge @ Beverly Hills Hotel

My friend Lisa and I came here for DineLA but that completely went out the window once we saw the full menu. First course was Lobster Bisque which more soupy, less bisquey, but nonetheless delicious. I ordered the short rib ravioli which was braised short ribs with some incredibly tasty sauce inside of the worlds biggest ravioli. Can’t argue with that. Lisa has the lamb and I had a bite- cooked perfectly.

Last but not least the coconut souffle. It was gigantic – about as wide as your average desert plate and 5 inches tall. It came with whipped creamy, some sort of cream sauce and was mouthwateringly good. It’s big enough to feed 8 people who already ate too much.

The staff is super friendly and accommodating and I appreciated the pianist. Their signature striped ceilings are a design fave of mine.