bughouse prints.

I’m in the phase of putting up canvas prints on my wall, apparently. A while ago I came upon these canvas prints at Mindfulnest in Santa Monica. I fell in love and decided that I must own one of these. I absolutely adore everything that BUGHOUSE makes, especially the Albums and Tapes Collection. I could fill my entire home with their prints. Here are two of my favorites. Especially loving the record player one.

Brings you back, right? Not that I was around when vinyl records were the primary source of music, but I like to pretend.

adorable custom laquer trays.

I’ve been a fan of iomoi.com for years, and I am loving their new custom lacquer trays! I could piles these on my coffee table, side tables, nightstand, bathroom, and pretty much anywhere to store anything and everything! I love the top design and the chevron, and the colorful edges on the trays add a great touch, don’t they?

Each tray is created by a vietnamese craftsman(!!!), taking up to 105 days and 17 coats of lacquer (and polishing) to complete. No wonder they cost an arm and a leg! $150 for the smallest size, going up to $275 for the large tray.


>i heart etsy!

>really, i do! i have recently become semi-obsessed with etsy. before i buy ANYTHING, i always think “can i buy this on etsy?” i’ve bought quite a few prints and things for my home on there and one of my favorite artists, emmakristina does some fantastic stuff. i actually own both the chanel print (but with silver hardware) and the audrey hepburn accessory one. i hope to own the “classics” book print one day. another favorite is the chalkboard world map. how brilliant is this thing!? i can’t WAIT to get one…i’ll mark everywhere in the world i’d like to go. which is well, everywhere.