liberty x nike

I’ve always been a fan of Liberty‘s ongoing collaboration with nike! They just released their new line today, so go get ’em if you dare!

Do you think I’d get laughed at at the gym wearing these? I mean…I DO live in LA and people already look ridiculous in their bright neon everything at the gym, so…

I just think they remind me of going on a picnic that requires lots of gingham.




photo credit: LIBERTY

When I’m feeling blue…

When I'm feeling blue...

I am loving and how it lets you choose by color. I have always loved all things blue. Love the Alexander Wang bag and the Vanessa Bruno dress. The color is perfect for spring.

Vanessa Bruno Athé cotton dress
£160 –

Stella mccartney dress
£170 –

Marni sleeveless tee
$505 –

Fat Face lightweight skirt
£38 –

Slip on shoes
$32 –

Alexander Wang shoulder handbag
£524 –

Marc Jacobs leather handbag
$1,250 –

Wide brim hat
£73 –

Blue scarve
£125 –

Coachella Inspiration

Coachella Inspiration
Completely obsessed with now! So much easier to make a mood board here rather than on Photoshop. Love it!I was inspired to make a Coachella mood board after seeing that Planet Blue made an entire lookbook for Coachella. So, so excited! More about the music, obviously, than whatever outfit I plan on sweating/dancing/singing my ass off in…but polyvore is just fun!

Lace cocktail dress
140 PLN –

Topshop cotton shirt
$40 –

R13 cut off shorts
$265 –

H&m shoes
£7.99 –

Nine West over the shoulder bag
$59 –

Chanel handbag

Illesteva oversized sunglasses
$260 –

Oasis floppy hat
$35 –



I love layers (but they hate me due to the current humidity and heat), coats/cardigans (same situation), skirts & matching blouses (WHO has time to mix & match in the AM? Not this girl.). I think I need someone to come and lay out my clothes for me every morning. These are some lovely outfits that will be my inspiration on my next shopping trip.

NEED: flowy tops, skirts (love the lace ones! love anything lace..), layering necklaces (but i’m allergic to non precious metals! 😦 ), versatile tops, anything CLASSIC.

i love the classic outfits in #3, 6, &  7 – feel like they can be worn in 10 years and still look current.

photo credit:

1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 – ?? from pinterest but lost the link! contact me if you are/know the source! 7, 8


I’m soooo excited to be making a trip out to New Orleans this weekend (actually leaving in 26 hours to be exact!). BUT….i am the worst packer on earth. Have you seen that girl unpacking after they weigh her luggage at the airport in front of tons of people? That would be me.

If you add up the days in my trip and add one, that is usually how many pairs of shoes I bring with me. I suck at this and am willing to admit it! I suck so badly I decided to make an entire post about packing. Apparently there is a service that packs for you. I need this. Do they work 24 hours a day? Because they are needed at this very moment! Anyways, hopefully I can get it together and narrow down my shoe collection and not bring 8 extra outfits….bon voyage!

1, 2, 3, 4