Pearl Oyster Bar – NYC

While waiting the two hour wait for Ippudo, I took a quick trip across town to Pearl Oyster Bar. Oddly enough, my favorite thing on the menu was the caesar salad. Totally fresh (difficult to find salad this fresh in NYC), and perfectly seasoned. The oysters were delicious as expected. The restaurant was low key and friendly. I’m a fan of sitting at the bar for a quick bite so this was a perfect pre-meal snack.



Qui Austin

One of the last things I thought I’d find in Austin was Filipino food, but alas, this incredible city proved me wrong.

On my next trip to Austin I definitely want to have the tasting menu at Qui, but for this first trip I HAD to have the Pulutan menu. It means “pick up” in Tagalog.

The menu had so many things I wanted to try from the lumpia tacos to the dinuguan (pork dish made with pork blood – it’s delicious if you don’t think about it).

The shrimp/pork lumpia taco  was probably one of the best things I ate in the past year. I ordered seconds – something I never ever do.

The chicken kabobs remind me of birthday pool parties as a kid where these were overflowingly serviced. Nothing like a little kabob after a long swim in the sun!

The dinuguan – which is something I’ve never made so honestly all I know is that it’s this chocolatey color dish, which is how it was described to me as a kid until my brother told me the truth. It’s pork and pork blood and usually served with rice. A definite must-try.

The service was pretty incredible and we sat outside on the covered patio even though it was raining. The outdoor heaters and blankets kept us warm!

For dessert, the cheddar cheese ice cream sandwich was perfection. It wasn’t heavy or overly cheesy and made me think of the many times I had some sort of cheese/corn ice cream as a child.

If you love Filipino food, want to try it, or just feel adventurous, I highly recommend the bar menu at Qui. I will remember this meal for years to come.IMG_1835IMG_1839IMG_1962IMG_1965


San Diego’s Tacos Perla

During my Holiday Break I spent a few days in San Diego visiting friends. One of my favorite things about SD is that their Mexican food is delicious everywhere, due to proximity. But I figured that if someone opened a new taco spot in North Park that it’s GOTTA be good.

I tried  Taco Perlas and was truly impressed. Fresh tortillas and ingredients and a salsa selection to die for.

IMG_1938IMG_1934IMG_1935Tacos Perla
3000 Upas St Suite 105
San Diego, CA 92104

Mykonos is for Lovers.

But actually. It’s like West Hollywood. Mykonos is known as the party island, but the area we stayed at was off the beaten path near Elia Beach. We stayed at an AirBNB with it’s own infinity pool and free delicious breakfast every morning. The beach was less than a 3 minute drive away (unless we got lost). The water was crystal clear. I met Eliza the dog on our boat, how cute is she?

I recommend going to Scorpios for drinks during the day or go at night for the party/club scene. The view and atmosphere is just gorgeous. Just don’t mind the (lack of) service.

IMG_7031 IMG_7139IMG_7129IMG_7006

Croissant Baking Class

I took the most incredible Croissant Baking Class at Cook’n With Class in Paris. It was by FAR the best cooking class I’ve ever taken. And yes it’s in English. The teacher (Florian) was extremely knowledgeable & thorough (previously the head baker at a Patisserie) and because it was only 6 people in the class we got the true hands-on experience and can definitely all go try it at home. Everything we made tasted so delicious and completely blew my mind!

All I need is an entire weekend to dedicate to making croissants, because there’s an overnight waiting period with the buttery buttery dough! I highly recommend this cooking school if you’re in Paris.

IMG_7369 IMG_7375 IMG_7413 IMG_7414 IMG_7415 IMG_7416 IMG_7438 IMG_7440 IMG_7441

Mykonos Sailing


This was taken from the fisherman’s boat we rented in Mykonos for a day. This was one of the many deserted islands we stopped at for a swim. How magical does this look?

The chefs served up BBQ lamb, greek salad with a huge brick of feta we could help ourselves to and tons of sides to snack on. The bartender made the best caipiroskas all day long. Can I go back now??

Etsy Map Chalkboard

I could spend hours upon hours perusing etsy and purchasing all kinds of things I want but don’t need. I’ve been eyeing this chalkboard from dirstastudio for YEARS and finally took the plunge when I saw it comes in green. Just like elementary school. My obsession with maps and globes is a bit excessive, but how else am I going to keep track of past, current and future travels?