Magnolia Bakery + Kate Spade


How cute is this collaboration? I adore Magnolia Cupcakes and I have to mentally prepare myself to walk by it everytime I go to Drybar. But this cupcake is forever! It reminds me of the Carrie’s bag in the first Sex and the City movie. They definitely put more frosting on the real ones.

Photo Credit: Kate Spade

Let’s go to the Kentucky Derby!

Let's go to the Kentucky Derby!

Milly cutout dress
$529 –

Alice Olivia rose print dress
$395 –

Boyfriend jacket
$80 –

Alexander McQueen peep toe shoes
$750 –

Valentino peep toe shoes
£499 –

SERPUI MARIE bamboo handbag
$195 –

Marc by Marc Jacobs woven bag
$158 –

Kate Spade collar jewelry
$148 –

Anastasia bezel ring
$47 –

Mesh hat
$45 –

Steven Alan wide brim hat
$158 –

Monki plastic heart sunglasses
€10 –