Two of my good friends moved to Portland in the last two years, so I’ve visited about six times. I had never been to Portland before Summer 2015, but I did watch the show on IFC. Things I love about the city include the easy access to the outdoors – beautiful hikes, waterfalls (Multnomah Falls!), and just clean air. I also enjoy the many many mom and pop restaurants, some that are even worth the 1-3 hours waits.¬† Here are some photos I took during my visit (when it wasn’t pouring rain!)

img_0099 img_0098 img_9889 img_9972

From Top to Bottom:

Sauvie Island Bridge

The Maize at The Pumpkin Patch

Green Tea Service at Behind The Museum Cafe

Cacio e Pepe at Grassa


I bought an over-sized vintage Levi’s jacket in Portland and have been mildly obsessed with buying pins to put on it. I can’t decide which ones I want! So many foodie related ones as well as adorable things like “Book It” and “Grape Soda” from UP. Loved that movie!

Here are some of my faves that I found –

Where to Get Them: Book It, Grape Soda (a la UP), Frenchie, Don’t Text Him w/ Tear, Sriracha, Sushi.

Tasty ‘N Sons – PDX

I spent last weekend in Portland, where two of my good friends recently moved. The air is so clean, the people are incredibly nice and everything is CHEAP! By my standards of course. $7 cocktails? What?

We had brunch at Tasty ‘N Sons and it did not disappoint. Their Shakshuka was phenomenal, as were the pork cutlets. Service was wonderful, and I highly recommend one of their many bloody marys. I always get mine with whiskey since I’m not much of a vodka person. Can’t wait to eat this meal again.