BEP Vietnamese Kitchen

Today I tried the BEP Vietnamese Kitchen Brunch – a pop-up just a hop, and a skip away from home.

Connie Tran is the chef (Zov’s in Tustin, Cafe D’Orient in Orange) and she serves up 8-course bi-weekly brunches at Franco on Melrose. It’s BYOB and there was a wine pairing list sent over yesterday to go with our meal.

My favorite dishes were the soup (bun rieu: minced crab & egg dumplings, tofu cafe, vermicelli in tamarand tomato broth served with threaded water spinach, bean sprouts, red cabbage, lemon balm) and the ice cream sandwich (ca rem dua: coconut lime ice cream, chili sesame cookies). There was also a spam sandwich (don’t hate- it was delish!), bo la lot: grilled beef wrapped in betel leaf, and cha ca thanh long: turmeric catfish, wilted dill, scallions.

Reservations are made via email and if you’re late you’ll miss any food that has already been served – so don’t be! They also have a little “market” that has Pho ingredients, Viet Ice Coffee ingredients and t-shirts that say Hon the cook (kiss the cook!).



ps: hey guys, i’m back after an accidental vacation. 🙂

The Roof on Wilshire

Today I had a brunch at The Roof on Wilshire. It’s located on top of the Hotel Wilshire, A Kimpton Hotel near the corner of Wilshire and Crescent Heights. I actually didn’t know that this place existed at all until yesterday.

They have bottomless mimosas on weekends from 10-3 for $22. The views are breathtaking and unique- I don’t think there are many places nearby that have rooftop restaurants so it’s a different (but equally gorgeous) view than looking out from Runyon, Hollywood or Downtown.

Eric Greenspan (The Foundry) opened the restaurant and the food was not surprisingly delicious. My cousin ordered the pancake lasagna – yes – pancakes, sausage, eggs, cheese, bacon, and maple cream. There is no way this is remotely healthy but it is incredible! It sounds weird/gross at first but it’s a must-try for anyone who goes here. I just had a few bites but was blown away!

I ordered the Cinnamon French Toast and it was perfect. It wasn’t too heavy or too sweet. Perfectly battered and came with a side of brown sugar topping.

LA is reaching arctic temperatures right now (hello 40 degrees and sunny?), so once it warms back up I am definitely going back.