One of the Best Things I’ve Ever Eaten: Wings @ Pok Pok LA

With locations in New York, Portland and now Los Angeles, Pok Pok seems to have taken the foodie marketplace by storm. Their infamous wings are finger-licking good. Manners go out the door when eating these.

I am a bit sensitive to overly spicy foods, so I tried the non-spicy wings. Absolutely delicious. There’s definitely some sort of fish sauce and soy sauce mix in the marinade and it blows all other wings out of the park. I’m dying to know the recipe.

Their LA location is located in Chinatown. I recommend their version of a whiskey sour and mind the spiciness when you see any peppers!

Pok Pok LA 978 N Broadway, Los Angeles, CA 90012

thai food.


Last night I ate at Pa Ord Noodle in Thai Town and it made me truly miss thai food in Thailand. The restaurant is located in a tiny strip mall (with equally tiny parking spaces) on Sunset Blvd with minimum decor but clean restrooms.

I had the Pad See-Ew and my date had a Chinese Pork w/ spicy broccoli dish with an egg on top. I think everything should be served with an egg on top. Thai food is surprisingly very very spicy so even though my friend ordered “mildly spicy” I still couldn’t realllly try it without immediately chugging some thai iced tea and water.

I highly recommend Pa Ord- it’s very reasonable (less than $20 for 2 people) and authentic. Even the bill was written in thai! Now if only they served Singha…