Paris. Paris. Paris.

I feel a little cliché being an American with undying love for Paris, but I don’t care. This trip made me just adore that city even more. Santorini and Mykonos were a dream, but I wouldn’t want to live there. I’d go back on a whim in a heartbeat though.

But back to Paris – the first time I visited I was studying abroad for a few weeks in 2005. I stayed in a hotel somewhat off the beaten path, but still adored the romanticism of Paris. I appreciated the slower pace (literally) as I walked the city.

This visit I stayed in the most adorably French AirBNB in the Marais for 4 days. I had delicious coffee at Coutume Cafe and one of the most incredible meals of my life at Spring (deserving of it’s own post later). I took a Croissant Baking Class at Cook’n with Class.

I shopped at La Maison Plisson, the most magical little market I’ve ever been in. I cooked some Cacio e Pepe at “home” and drank wine while watching the sunset over Montmartre. Last but not least I had breakfast at Laudree. The hollandaise was out of this world.

IMG_7329 IMG_7413 IMG_7431 IMG_7503 IMG_7517 IMG_7608 IMG_7634


I just got back from the most incredible vacation. The jet lag is still lingering and I’m wishing everyday was boat day. Mykonos, Santorini, Paris, London. Updates soon, but first this was the view just outside my window in Santorini. Dreamlike.


Robolights Art Installation / Holiday Lights – Palm Springs

IMG_6362IMG_6406 IMG_6367 IMG_6351 IMG_6388

This past weekend I visited the Robolights art installation in Palm Springs. It was mind blowing – these photos really don’t do it justice. It reminded me of a Christmas haunted house. The artist Kenny Irwin Jr. created a wonderland filled with robots, lights, and music. Using anything from pool filters, microwaves, toilets and surge protectors the exhibit was larger than life in his 2 acre backyard. It’s 100% worth the day or night trip from Los Angeles.

Robolights is open 4- 9 PM Rain or Shine til 1.6.15.

1077 E Granvia Valmonte
Palm Springs, CA

2013 Travel Wishes.

I hope you all had a lovely Christmas, holiday, week!travel2013

Fresh off the skype/google hangout with my bff Heidi who lives in London and we were discussing 2013 travel plans. Some ideas that came into mind included Ireland/Scotland (Whisk(e)y please!), Istanbul, Spain (“let’s rent an apartment in Spain for a week!”), Germany, and so many others. Perhaps a trip to Barcelona for Sonar or stay in London for Field Day Festival? The world is our oyster.

As far as domestic trips, I am hoping for long overdue trip to NYC in February. My friend is working during fashion week and I would love to tag along, especially since my cousin is in NYC and brother is in DC. I haven’t been to New York since I went (by myself!) four and a half years ago! I didn’t even get to do everything on my list: Zabars, Dumbo, various choclotiers, restaurants, museums! Perhaps a trip to the gorgeous Bowery Hotel? Brunch at the Palace a la Gossip Girl? On another note, I am SO SAD Gossip Girl is over. It’s depressing whenever a show I watch ends! I don’t have cable so I usually just buy it on iTunes and wake up at 6 AM the morning after it airs to watch it. Though someone on FB did ruin GG for me. Really people? Why would your status update be a spoiler for he end of an entire series? Delete!

Last but not least, Coachella is coming up soon! One more payment and I have my passes for not one, but two weekends! How will I ever have the money to go to Europe this summer?! Time to go play the lottery!

photo credit: nyc, sevilla

buongiorno from eataly!

Hello from Venice! I’ve been here for just over 24 hours and tomorrow I’m getting on a cruise ship to roam around the meditteranean sea. Yesterday was a long day of travel complete with a 1.5 hour flight delay and then a missed connection (and not like the kind you find on craigslist…). After almost 20 hours of travel I made it here in one piece! Our hotel is adorable and used to be an Abbey and a Monastery. One of the best chocolate/nutella croissants I’ve ever had are freshly made each morning at breakfast.

My mom tried some cannoli, as pictured, but I couldn’t handle it post-large pasta dinner.

Today I visited Piazza San Marco aka St. Mark’s Square/Basilica and took a gondola ride from there. I went under the Bridge of Sighs (see our lovely gondolier?) and witnessed couples trying to make sure they’re in love forever.  Sigh. The Sigh actually refers to how that bridge would be the last that a person would see of Venice before going to prison. Would not mind being in prison there! It was beautiful to see all of the “streets” you wouldn’t normally see if you weren’t on a gondola, and Venice is just so dreamy. It almost doesn’t feel real!

Tonight I had dinner with my mom at the Hotel Carlton. I ordered a sea bass with potatoes, tomatoes and olives. It came whole and then they disassembled it for me at the table. Love it! We also got some live music compliments of the two men pictured below. The gelato here is phenomenal- I just finished some stracciatella and cookies flavored! Mmmm mmm good! Now I’m re-packing my suitcase for the cruise. Until next time! Ciao!


my bags are packed, i’m ready to go…

I’m  excited for my trip! I just have a few more things to (launder…. and then) pack and I’m ready to get on a plane and be in Venice. I have a few things on my wish list (leather goods, turquoise jewelry, wine) but most of all I want to eat some great Italian food. I can’t wait to ride a gondola on the Grand Canal and have some real pizza. Yesterday I had a fantastic lunch at Pizzeria Mozza to get me into the italian mood. Their Bianca pizza is absolutely divine. They also have delicious gelato, my favorite flavors being espresso and Gianduja gelato. The latter is like nutella flavored gelato. So, so good!

In other news, I read this article in Conde Nast Traveler titled “How safe is your cruise ship?” And it totally freaked me out. Cruise companies register their vessels in other countries so that they don’t have to comply with certain rules and taxes. The cruise I’m about to embark on will be this ship’s maiden voyage. Ahem, Titanic! But then again the lifeboats are much improved now. That makes me feel better and to stop being so paranoid.

I’m looking forward to spending some time at the spa and the adults-only serenity area. Yay for no kids splashing me! Or crying near me…lol.

There are also a few restaurants (sushi bar, steak house, oh my!), clubs (maybe?) and bars (please make old-fashioneds!) I’m hoping to check out. The gym apparently has a direct gorgeous view of the ocean, so let’s see if I will make use of the workout clothes I stuffed into my suitcase. Au revoir and see you in June!